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Women and Counselling. My letter to the Editor of the Romford Recorder

From Romford Recorder 8 August 2020
Why counselling is the answer - Cynthia Rao, a Hornchurch counsellor, writes:

I read this week that in the first set of major announcements regarding job losses, that women in the retail sector were expected to make up a lot more than 50 per cent of the total numbers.

This is a further example of how the burden of this pandemic is falling disproportionately on the female gender.

During initial lockdown, more women than men took responsibility for home schooling. Women traditionally “knit” the family unit together and “douse down” flames when they spark up at home.

These are more frequent as a result of people being under the same roof 24/7. A number of 
women have been forced to live through lockdown within a dysfunctional family unit or with a volatile partner.

There are more women who are key workers, putting themselves in the frontline.

Now it seems women will bear the brunt of the first of many job loss announcements.

I am a counsellor and there is a professional angle to these comments.

The last four months have been difficult for everyone. The country has been informed daily about the numbers of infections and, sadly, deaths from Covid-19. But what no one knows yet is the toll that the pandemic has taken on the nation’s mental health.

I’ve always believed that reaching out for professional support is a sign of real strength.

The reason why counsellors/therapists are well-qualified, registered and have supervisory support themselves is because their work is complex, personal and absorbing. This is why they can 
work deeply with their clients to help find ways to fix the issues they have.

Yet many women will hide the issues they have, choosing instead to manage them by confiding in a friend and using the opportunity to chat to temporarily get the issues off their chest.

This is just a “sticking plaster solution” and doesn’t address the real issue. Talking to a friend might take the heat out of a situation, but it never seeks to understand what is causing the issue, let alone addressing the core problem.

A therapist will seek, in a non-judgmental way, to locate the source of any underlying anxiety, depression etc and why a persistent negative state has a hold over you.

The roots of fragile mental health as an adult nearly always lie in childhood. You may assume by that I mean a child who has suffered as a consequence of poor or abusive parenting techniques. However, there are just as many people who had the benefit of positive parenting, but it was other events in childhood that have affected them as adults. For example, an accident, bereavement or disruption caused by conflict or displacement.

When you locate the source of the issue it becomes easier to find a fix. Resilience starts to return, accompanied by feelings of happiness and fulfilment. These are outcomes worth striving for and can never be achieved by “offloading” periodically to a friend over a couple of glasses of wine.

To see the letter online and in situ, click Romford Recorder - Letters to the Editor

Counselling Blog. EFTi

8 August 2020 - Article from the EFT Mindfulness website

I have contributed a blog to the EFT website about the scope of my counselling work in London. It's important for people to know what while I can now offer online counselling to all Londoners (and I guess further afield, but I am focussing in London) I still have a special affinity for the areas around Covent Garden and London Bridge.

Counsellor in Covent Garden and London Bridge

Counselling Blog. Telephone and Zoom counselling

28 July 2020 - Skype Therapies

I am a counsellor with a listing on Skype Therapies. I have long held the belief there is a place for online therapy and counselling. I hadn't expected a pandemic was needed to prove the point though!

I joined because finding the right therapist is vital and that with Skype therapies there is a wider choice in terms of language, culture and location. Online therapy helps alleviate the stress of location and time. By connecting to a therapist via Skype or Zoom, there is a wider scope of therapists to choose from, giving you the chance to connect to the right therapist for you.

You can find my profile here on Skype Therapies

Counselling Blog. Library Image: Doorway of Hope

15 July 2020. Article by Cynthia Rao: Is Coronaphobia a dictionary word?

I was watching television recently and in an interview the word Coronaphobia was used. If it's not a word yet, I'm sure that it soon will be. As a counsellor the word made me think. There are many people whose mental wellbeing will have affected by Coronavirus. In fact I don't even think we are scratching the surface of it at the moment.

I was delighted therefore when the website Find a Therapy accepted an article from me. It is about how counsellors are here and ready to help anybody who is struggling with anxiety or depression brought out by the onset of Coronavirus. It's not about people who been unfortunate to contract the virus, but others who are living through it. I hope that you find it an interesting read. Article on Find A Therapy website

Counselling Blog. Library Image: Sad Woman

7 July 2020 - The mental wellbeing of London's shielders

Thousands of people living in London who, pre-covid led near to normal lives, were told in March they needed to shield themselves from the virus. This effectively, due to under lying health issues, meant staying indoors for a minimum period of three months. The instruction reflected the seriousness of the health threat. But the conditions that some people have had to endure will have affected them negatively. I'm not talking about squaller, not those sorts of living conditions. More the mental strain of being cooped up. Perhaps with no access or limited access to outdoor space. Living in a property that has multiple occupancy, not designed for everyone to be inside for long periods at the same time. Perhaps the relationships within the family or social unit are not ideal, or even dysfunctional. These factors and others like them, over a prolonged period of time can take a heavy toll on our mental health.

As counsellors we are aware of this. While the media focuses on the slow release of lockdown, and people in their droves heading for a night out in London, the anxiety of those 'left behind' only grows.

My concern is for people who maybe thinking they are trapped and have nowhere to turn. My message is simple and clear. There is easy to obtain help ready and waiting. Many counsellors, like myself are offering online and telephone counselling. This has the benefit of being a discrete service and can be just as effective as face-to-face counselling. Some people may need just a small amount of support to help get themselves into a better place mentally. Others might have issues or lockdown experiences that need more work. That only becomes relevant after you have made the choice to reach out.

Make contact, send an email, make a call. There is a bigger support network out there across London than you might think. As a city, we remain 'in this together'; and as freedom returns for some but not all, I am one of many here and able to help, should I be needed. To get in touch, call: 0794 707 1908 or CLICK HERE to email me=

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22 June 2020- Counselling support for people struggling with Coronavirus

Coronavirus has touched every single one of us. For some, it's been a light touch for some it's been a hammer blow. This blog I've written is for those who have been affected by not traumatised by COVID-19. I read a good piece the other day about things you can do to maintain positive mental health during the pandemic. I read them and thought that actually the list represents good advice at any time, but it just resonates more at the moment. Here is the list:

1. Stay connected with people
2. Talk about your worries
3. Support and help others
4. Feel prepared
5. Look after your body
6. Stick to the facts
7. Stay on top of different feelings
8. Do more of the things you enjoy
9. Focus on the positive
10. Look after your sleep

If you find that no matter what you do you can't shake off a bad mood, general malaise or persistent negative thoughts, it might be you need a little help and support. I use a very effective tool called EFT (sometimes known as tapping) that is very easy to learn and can offset feelings of fear, anxiety or sadness. EFT can easily be used virtually over the telephone or via Zoom. They are perfect for the present circumstances. To find our more, with no obligation CLICK HERE to email me

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18 June 2020 - Counselling support for young women who are shielding during Coronavirus.

There are many groups for whom getting through the restrictions of lockdown has been a real challenge. I want to focus on just one; young women with underlying health conditions who were informed at the start of lockdown that they would need to be shielded for at least 12 weeks. These are women between the ages of 18 and 30 who before Coronavirus led busy and fulfilling lives. My counselling practice covers London, so I am thinking about people who live in the capital.

The reason why this group have struggled is because overnight they went from 'full-on to full-off' lives. Their situation remains unchanged, while for millions of others, there has been a relaxation of lockdown. For many women, while this may be difficult to bear short term, the situation is just a temporary one. During this time young women may feel in need of professional support and this is a service I provide. Using Zoom or telephone, I can offer short term counselling sessions to help reduce the anxiety and stress of months of shielding. Just having someone qualified to talk to can help to put a seemingly impossible situation back into perspective. If this is you please make contact.

Our first chat will always be free and there is no obligation to progress if you don't want to. Remember, life will improve - you may just need some short term support in the meantime.

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