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Too often these days a person suffering from depression will be prescribed antidepressants by their GP or six sessions of CBT. Most people report that while medication lessens uncomfortable and painful feelings they do not feel connected to anything. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can be useful in the short term, but we are much more than our thoughts and most of our anxiety and fears stem from repetitive painful thoughts that are then felt in our bodies. Depression should be taken as seriously as any physical ailment and like most physical illnesses there are ways of treating it.

In my experience both personally and professionally depression is about disconnection from oneself. To have suffered trauma and dysfunction within the family will have meant splitting off parts of ourselves in order to survive our childhood. It also meant having to put in survival strategies. For example, you survived by becoming the joker to alleviate the tension in the house or you become a very good child in order not to cause any problems.

How do we reclaim those parts we had to bury and how do we give ourselves permission not to play the same roles that we did as a child? The fear is that once we start to look at the past we will be overwhelmed and unable to cope with all those painful feelings. Working with Psychosynthesis techniques we can focus on different parts or sub-personalities. For example, are you aware of a critical or bullying voice or another part that feels very sad or lonely. By working in this way we can identify the reasons for feeling so down. It is possible to give a voice to these different parts that we have ignored for so long.

Question: do you know what part of yourself you are identified with when:

You feel five years old and you are just about to go into business meeting?

You are about to give a presentation and you cannot speak?

A friend is asking what they did to upset you and you feel so shut down all you can do is turn away?

You cut short any phone calls to members of your family because you feel so uncomfortable/angry/sad etc?

Everyone has these experiences and some investigating can lead to moments of clarity as to why we feel so immobilised in certain situations or frightened in others.

We are now lucky enough to have some tools to help us manage the anxiety and fears that may come up. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are two of the most powerful tools I have come across in managing to help with overwhelming emotions. Working with a combination of psychosynthesis counselling and EFT/Matrix will help you to understand your childhood and how you managed to survive it.

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